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It’s all about teamwork. Fight as one and make sure your squad is the last one standing.
PEGI Rating: 16+

Multiplayer | Xbox One / PC | 2 days | Offline

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OK Team – Let’s Go!

Every team is made up by 5 players, including the team captain. Choose a name for you squad – if you don’t already have one – and prepare for battle. You don’t need to be a hero, as no extra points will be granted for any individual. Learn to think and act as one!

Mutiplayer Team Up
Squad Multiplayer Fanatic Game Arena

Team Up!

You’re not part of a team yet? No worries! We can help you find other players to get together with and create your own gang and rules.

If your team is missing one-two members, just alert the community – here – and a teammate will surely knock on your door.

Nice to Know Multiplayer Tournament

Nice To Know

Games available on Xbox One or PC only. No matter if you are playing on a PC or console you can bring your own gear: controller, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headset.

Fanatic Game Arena

The first and most important rule is to have fun! Everyone’s invited, no matter who you are or how many hours of gaming you got under your belt. Of course — when all said and done, this is still a competition and there are trophies to pe be won. No matter your motivation, this will be an experience you’ll not easily forget.

Game Arena Rules And Regulations

Game List

Check out the list of all available games included in Fanatic Game Arena – Multiplayer – Tournament!


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