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Welcome to Fanatic Studio. Here you learn more about our projects and future work.
As we love to get involved, here’s what’s going on now:

FGA Tournament Info


Coming soon: the first Fanatic Game Arena Tournament.

We just love playing games. As simple as that. So, why not celebrate this passion for games that we all share, in way that games are supposed to be played: for fan! Not just for money and prizes. Although we have those. But can you really put a price on playing real good games together with your friends?

Let’s leave aside any politics and just hit play. By the way, did we mention FGA is planning both Board Games and Video Games – Tournaments? Your choice: click or throw those dices!


Coming soon: Fanatic Con Live TV

This is something special for us: Twitch TV Channel – for viewing Live FGA Matches, Comic shows, Gaming shows or other related events. We are working on this wright now and we’ll let you know once we are ready for our first broadcast.

Like always, if you want to get involved just let us know. There are no such thing as bad ideas and you are more than welcome.

Comic and Gaming Live TV